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What is skRayFall?

skRayFall is a powerful addon to the Skript language

Skript is the most popular high level coding language designed for Minecraft, allowing you to make advanced features faster and easier than in java. skRayFall’s bleeding edge set of tools allows developers and server owners to prototype and deploy features at a rapid rate in order to keep up with an ever evolving market.

Powerful Features in Less Time

Develop complex features at a rapid pace

Beat your competition to the punch!

With Skript’s gentle learning curve and skRayFall’s powerful syntax elements, together they allow for fast and easy development of features. Thanks to skRayFall’s many integrations, with only a few lines of code you can create interactive and engaging NPC’s that are powered off of citizens or create your own voting rewards system powered by Votifier. Flexible and powerful holograms are also possible thanks to holographic displays along with one of the best particle engines provided by EffectLib. Advanced projectile weapons and combat is now easy to integrate thanks to CrackShot support.

This large library of syntax elements and hooks allows for small teams to make engaging content quickly, saving time and money.

Free and Open Source Forever

Transparent and open for everyone

skRayFall is one of the few remaining active open source addons with an active community providing suggestions, feedback and support.

With skRayFall being open source support is much quicker, bug fixes can come from the community and you can always be sure what is running on your server is safe, fast and efficient.

Contributions to skRayFall are welcomed and encouraged.

Ready to try skRayFall?

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